Conference Programme


Fiche Bliain Ag Fás: Comhdháil Idirnáisiúnta ar Stair na hÓige in Éirinn ón Meánaois go dtí an Nua-Aois


Coláiste Phádraig, Droim Conrach, 9-10 Meitheamh 2014

Monday, 9 June 2014 / Dé Luain, 9 Meitheamh 2014

8.30-9.15:      Registration

9.15-9.45:      Opening Remarks by Professor Daire Keogh, President of St Patrick’s College.

9.45-10.45:    Keynote Address 1: Dr Lindsey Earner-Byrne (UCD)

Title: ‘Finding the Child in Twentieth-Century Ireland’.

Chairperson: Professor James Kelly.

10.45-11.00:  Refreshments.

11.00-12.30:  Panel 1

Panel 1A – Children’s Literature and Nationalism

‘Children’s Literature and Irish National Identity: Constructing Ireland from the Child Up’ – Louise Gallagher (TCD).

‘Coming of Age in History: The Historical Experience of Childhood in Ireland’ – Rebecca Long (TCD).

‘The Fictionalised Child: Irish Childhood during the Emergency’ – Síne Quinn (TCD).

Panel 1B – Children in the Irish Archaeological Record

‘Short Lives in Challenging Times: The Evidence for Early Medieval Irish Child Health from Skeletal Remains’ – Denise B. Keating.

‘Placeless Dead? Finding evidence for children in the Irish landscape’ – Emer Dennehy (RPA).

‘‘Come Away, O Human Child…’, The Osteoarchaeology of Segregated Child Burial in Historic Ireland’ – Linda G. Lynch.

 Panel 1C – Protection and Childhood Rights in the 20th Century

‘Constructing the Child in Need of State Protection: Continuity and Change in Twentieth Century Ireland’ – Karen Smith (DIT).

‘“There was some mysterious influence in the background preventing this reform and this influence had an ecclesiastical flavour”: establishing and reforming legal adoption in Ireland, 1952-74’ – Robbie Roulston (UCD).

‘Wild Arabs and savages: childhood identity as a regulatory ideal’ – Paul Sargent (TCD).

12.30-13.30:  Lunch.

13.30-15.00:  Panel 2

Panel 2A – Images of Irish Childhood

‘Framing the Child – Irish children in photographs 1860-1970’ – Aoife O’Connor.

‘Fashioning Childhood: Gender, dress and childhood in nineteenth century Ireland’ – Mary Hatfield (TCD).

‘‘Horrid little beasts!’ or beloved ‘little Sonniekins’? Childhood in the Big House 1860-1914’ – Maeve O’Riordan (UCC).

Panel 2B – Irish Childhood in International Contexts

‘How ‘Irish’ is Childhood History in Ireland?  Some historiographic observations on Continuity and Difference’ – Patrick Ryan (Kings University College at Western University, Canada).

‘Conceptualisations of childhood in conflict and in peace’ – Benjamin Mallon (SPD).

‘‘Home and Away’: Narratives of Contemporary Irish Childhoods’ – Susan McDonnell (UCC).

‘Immigrants, Aliens, Evacuees: Exploring the history of Irish Children in Britain during World War Two’ – Jennifer Redmond (NUIM).

Panel 2C – Children’s Welfare in the Early Twentieth Century

‘Medicalisation of infant feeding in Ireland in the early 20th century: public health versus dairy industry’ – Jutta Kruse (UL).

‘‘Hands and faces gnawed by rats’: children of the drunken criminal classes in early twentieth-century Ireland’ – Conor Reidy (UL).

‘Boarding-out in Galway, 1838-1920’ – Sarah-Anne Buckley (NUIG).

15.00-15.15:  Refreshments.

15.15-16.45:  Panel 3

Panel 3A – Childhood, Sport and Pastimes

‘Irish born football migrants, 1945-2010: Childhood and Memory’ – Conor Curran (SPD).

‘Constructing National Identity: Sport and Irish children’s fiction in the Free State’ – Leeann Lane (Mater Dei).

‘Street play and sweet shops – images of a bygone era? The representation of children’s lives in an urban context from the perspective of the child’ – Jackie Bourke.

Panel 3B – Childhood and Nationalism

‘Territories of Childhood: A discussion of children’s literature in relation to the Irish Land War’ – Julie Anne Stevens (SPD).

‘Active supporters or collateral damage?: the role of children and youth in the Irish Revolution’ – Marnie Hay (SPD).

‘‘Schooling the National Orphans’: the Education of the Children of the Easter Rising Leaders’ – Caoimhe Nic Dháibhéid (University of Sheffield).

Panel 3C – Childhood in Ulster

‘‘Belfast Child’: poverty, politics and child welfare in early C20 Belfast’- Olwen Purdue (QUB).

‘‘Empire-builders instead of Empire-wreckers’: Belfast’s poor children in the early twentieth century’ – Georgina Laragy (QUB).

‘‘Troubled Youth’: Representations of the Northern Ireland Conflict and their impact on youth in Joan Lingard’s Novels’ – Noa Kaufman (Tel-Aviv University).

16.45-17.00:  Refreshments.

17.00-18.00:  Keynote Address 2: Professor Hugh Cunningham (University of Kent)

Title: ‘What’s happened to childhood?’

Chairperson: Gaye Ashford (SPD).

18.00:             Wine Reception in St Patrick’s College.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 / Dé Máirt, 10 Meitheamh 2014

8.30-9.00:      Registration.

9.00-9.45:      Keynote Address 3: Professor Pat Dolan (NUIG).

Title: ‘From the Children’s Patriot Treat to treating children as Active Patriots’.

Chairperson: Sarah-Anne Buckley (NUIG).

9.45-10.00:    Refreshments.

10.00-11.30:  Panel 4

Panel 4A – Children and Medicine

‘Childhood Ophthalmia in Irish Workhouses 1849 – 1861’ – Phil Gorey (UCD).

‘The Penny Test: Tuberculin Testing and Paediatric Practice in Ireland, 1900-1960’ – Anne Mac Lellan (Senior Medical Scientist, James Connolly Memorial Hospital).

‘Childhood diseases: the changing 20th century landscape’ – Ida Milne (NUIM).

Panel 4B – Childhood, Religion and Revolution

‘‘Matty and the Daffs’: the children and family life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, revolutionary and Enlightenment father (ca. 1786-1826)’ – Sylvie Kleinman (TCD).

‘Keeping the flag flying – the involvement of children in the Orange Order during its years of dissolution 1836-45’ – Daragh Curran (NUIM).

‘Religion and the Boys’ Brigade in Ireland’ – Brendan Power (TCD).

Panel 4C – Writing Childhood: Letters and Diaries

‘Irish and Anglo-Irish Children’s Travel Diaries, c. 1815–60’ – Angela Byrne (University of Greenwich).

‘Women’s letters as a source for the history of childhood in late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century Ireland’ – Jane Maxwell (TCD).

‘‘Think of your holy vocation’ – childhood in mid-nineteenth century captured in the unpublished memoir of E. J. Dillon’ – Kevin Rafter (DCU).

11.30-11.45: Refreshments.

11.45- 13.15: Panel 5

Panel 5A – Childhood and Health

‘‘A cradle lined with bleu damask’:  The Irish Nursery Room & Preventing Infantile Illness c. 1680-c. 1830’ – Emma O’Toole (NCAD).

‘Nutritional Decline, Childhood Health and Domestic Education in Post-Famine Ireland, c.1851-1914’ – Ian Miller (UU).

‘‘a more tender nurse cannot be than my dear husband’: Reassessing the role of men in early modern pregnancy and childbirth’ – Leanne Calvert (QUB).

Panel 5B – Children, Education and Kidnap

‘“An infamous trade”: the kidnapping of children, 1740-1820’ – James Kelly (SPD).

‘‘Women who read are dangerous’ – female education in eighteenth- century Ireland’ – Gaye Ashford (SPD).

‘Infant classes: leaders of change in the education system in Ireland 1831-1948’ – Maura O’Connor (SPD).

Panel 5C – Childhood, Literature and the Nation / An Óige, an Litríocht agus an Náisiún

‘Childhood, improvement and the early Irish novel’ – Anne Markey (NUIM).

‘An Cultúr Gaelach ó Pheirspictíocht an Linbh: Dialanna Chailíní Scoile Chiarraí (1916-1918) / Gaelic Culture from the Child’s Perspective: The Diaries of Three Kerry Schoolgirls (1916-1918)’ – Ríona Nic Congáil (SPD). *Simultaneous translation service available.

‘Irish cultural revivalism reflected in girls’ novels at the fin-de-siècle Ireland’ – Mai Yatani (TCD).

‘Cinsireacht agus Litríocht na nÓg / Censorship and Children’s Literature’ – Máire Nic an Bhaird (Froebel College of Education, NUIM). * Simultaneous translation service available.

13.15-14.00:  Lunch.

14.00-15.30: Panel 6

Archival Sources for the Study of Irish Childhood / Foinsí Cartlainne don Taighde ar Stair na hÓige

Susan Hood (Assistant Librarian and Archivist and Publications Officer for the Church of Ireland).

Anna Bale (The Dúchas Project, UCD). *Simultaneous translation service available.

Caitriona Crowe (National Archives).

Leah Benson (National Gallery of Ireland).

15.30-15.45:  Refreshments.

15.45 -16.45: Keynote Address 4: Professor Declan Kiberd (University of Notre Dame).

Title: ‘Invisible Republics: Childhood and Modernism’.

Chairperson: Ríona Nic Congáil (SPD).

16.45-17.30:  Closing Reception.

17.30:            Closing Remarks.

18.00:            Conference Dinner in Il Corvo, Drumcondra, Dublin.


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